Day 1 – April 28th, 2021 (Wed) / Room #325, EXCO

Global TOP 10 PV Enterprise Special Session 2021

Start of the presidency of Joe Biden and Market Strategy of PV
Moderator : prof. ChinHo Park of Yeungnam Univ.
*Simultaneous interpretation provided
10:00~10:04 [Opening address]
Prof. Jae Hak Jung (Head of the Organizing Committee- PVMI)
10:04~10:07 [Congratulatoy speech]
Eui Rak Hong (Vice Mayor for Economic Affairs)
10:07~10:10 [Congratulatory speech]
Prof. Son Chang Sik (Head of the KPVS)
10:10~10:30 [Keynote Address]
Energy Technology in an Era of Great Power Competition

Paul Saunders (President, EIRP)
10:30~10:45 [1:1 talk]
Paul Saunders (President, EIRP) & Chinho Park (Prof, Yeungam Univ)
10:45~11:00 Hanwha Q cells’ Strategies to Expand America PV Market
Moonhwan Cha (Execute Vice President, Hanwha Q Cells)
11:00~11:30 Panel Discussion
Paul Saunders (President, EIRP) & Chinho Park(Prof, Yeungam Univ)
Moon Hwan Cha (EVP, Hanwha Q Cells) & Seong Woo Kim (Head, Kim & Chang of Environment& Energy Research Laboratory)
11:30~13:30 Networking Break & Exhibition Visit

SESSION II – Policy and Investment Trends of PV Industry

Moderator : Prof. Jae Hak Jung of Yeungnam Univ.
13:30~13:35 Opening Session
Jae Hak Jung (prof. Yeungnam Univ.)
13:35~13:55 Status and Tasks of PV for Carbon Neutral
Sanghoon Lee (President, New&Renewable Energy Center)
13:55~14:15 PV Market Trends and Policy of Korea
Woosik Jung (Vice President, KOPIA)


Speed up the Green new deal and Carbon neutrality with PV R&D Innovation Strategy
Seung-Yeop Myeong (PV PD, KETEP)


Domestic PV Market Trends and Policy
Jung Hwa Kang (Researcher, Korea Eximbank)
14:55~15:30 Networking Break

SESSION III – Trends and Outlook of Global PV Market

Moderator : Prof. Woo Kyoung Kim of Yeungnam Univ.
15:30~15:35 Opening Session
Woo Kyoung Kim (Prof. Yeungnam Univ.)
15:35~16:00 [Keynote Address 2]
Trends and Outlook of Global PV Market
Hannah Murdock (Project Manager, REN21)
16:00~16:20 Current Status and Outlook of Japanese PV Market
Izumi Kaizuka (Director, RTS Coporation)
16:20~16:40 China’s Domestic Solar PV Market Trends during the 14th Five-Year-Plan(2021-2025) Period
Frank Haugwitz (Director, AECEA)
16:40~17:00 Trends and Outlook of Europe PV Market
Gaëtan Masson (Director, Becquerrel Institute)
17:00~17:15 Trends and Outlook of Africa PV Market
Badr Ikken (General Director, Iresen)
17:15~17:45 Closing Remarks

DAY 2 – April 29th, 2021 (Thu) / Room # 325, EXCO

Future Strategy of PV Market2021

Focusing on Agrivoltaics
10:20~10:25 Day 2 Opening address
Soo Young OH (Vice-chairman of the organizing committee- PVMI)

SESSION IV - Policy of Agrivoltaics

Moderator :Prof. Soo Young OH of Yeungnam Univ.
10:25~10:45 Policy Directions for Expanding the Supply of Agrivoltaics
Sung Woo Choi (Manager ,Korea Energy Agency)
10:45~11:05 Case Example of European Poilcy: Legal Framework for Agrivoltaics in Germany
Seich Jens Vollprecht (Lawyer, Becker Büttner Held PartGmbB)
11:05~11:25 Definitions, Classifications, and Standards of Agrivoltaics: Overview and Insights with a focus on Germany
Max Trommsdorff (Group leader, Fraunhofer ISE)
11:25~13:00 Networking Break & Exhibition Visit

SESSION V – Global Market Trends and Technology of Agrivoltaics

Moderator : Researcher. Cheolhyun Lim of Green Energy Institute
13:00~13:05 Opening Session
Cheolhyun Lim (Researcher, Green Energy Institute)
13:05~13:25 Emerging Potential of Solar Sharing in Global Market
Makoto Tajima (Director, Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies)
13:25~13:45 Market Analysis of Solar Sharing in Japan
Takeshi Magami (Director, Chiba Ecological Energy Inc.)
13:45~14:05 Jae Woo Nam (Director, Korea Agrivoltaics Association)
14:05~14:30 Networking Break

SESSION VI – Demonstration of Agrivoltaics

Moderator : Director. Jae Woo Nam of Korea Agrivoltaics Association
14:30~14:35 Opening Session
Jae Woo Nam (Director, Korea Agrivoltaics Associatoin)
14:35~14:55 Study of Agrivoltaics
Jae Hak Jung (prof. Yeungam Univ.)
14:55~15:15 An Empirical Case of Agrivoltaics
Sung Tak Yoon (prof, Dangook univ.)
15:15~15:35 Computer Simulation and a Study on the improvement of Lower Farm lands of Agrivoltaics
Computer Simulation and a Study on the improvement of Lower Farm lands of Agrivoltaics
15:35~15:55 Direction of Business and a resolution of pending issue of Agrivoltaics
Deok Cheol Seo (Manager, Korea South-East Power Co.)
15:55~16:00 Networking Break

SESSION VII – Installment and Operate Case of Agrivoltaics

Moderator : Prof. Oh Bong Yang, Chunbuk Univ
16:00~16:05 Session Opening
Oh Bong Yang (Prof, Chunbuk Univ.)
16:05~16:25 The Development Process of Agrivoltaics in Fiji
Jinsuk Kang (Manager, En-velops)
16:25~16:45 10 years industrial Agrovoltaico® plant operation
Ronald Knoche (CEO, REM Tec)
16:45~17:05 Agri-PV insights from EU
Stephan Schindele (Head of Agri-PV, BayWa r.e.)
17:05~17:25 A Case of Solar Sharing in Japan
Kei Kondo (CEO, Agrokraft)
17:25~17:45 Economic Analysis of Agrivoltaics
Kangyong Lee (Prof. Yeungnam Univ.)
17:45~18:00 Closing Remarks

DAY 2 – April 29th, 2021 (Thu) / Room # 324, EXCO


Future Strategy of PV Market 2021

Focusing on Floating Solar and Urban Solar

SESSION VIII – Policy and Market Trends of Urban Solar

Jae Ho Yun, Chief of Korea Institute of Energy Research

Day 2 Opening address
Jae Ho Yun (Chief, Korea Institute of Energy Research)

PV Policy of Seoul and Urban Solar Business of Seoul Energy Corporation
Hun Taek Jung (General Manager, Seoul Energy Corporation)

Resource Mapping for Expansion of Urban Solar
Jongkyu Kim (CEO, 60 Hertz)

BIPV Module
Eun Joo Lee(Director, Shinsung E&G)

Urban Solar - BIPV Solution, CIGS Thin film Color Solar Panel
Byungjoon Park (Head of Sales & Marketing, Avancis Korea Inc.)

Next Energy Solution – Urban-based total Photovoltaics System
Suk-Kyu Yoon (CEO, ISolar)

Application of Solar Module into Automotive & Outlook
Hak jun Chung (Team leader, Korea Electronics Technology Institute)


Networking Break & Exhibition Visit

SESSION IX - Global Trends and Policy Floating Solar

Moderator : Gwak Ji Hye, Principal Researcher of Korea Institute of Energy Research

Session Opening
Ji Hye Gwak (Principal Researcher, Korea Institute of Energy Research)

[Keynote Address 3]
Global Market Trends of Floating Solar
Celine PATON (Financial Analyst, SERIS)

Policy and Demonstration Cases of Floating Solar(Focusing on Multi-purpose Dam)
Bong Keun Oh (Director, K-water)

Trends and Demonstration of Floating Solar
Dae Seong Kim (Head of Department, Korea Rural Community Corporation)

Europe Market Trends of Floating Solar
Jan Kroon (Senior Project Manager, TNO)

Networking Break

SESSION X – Market Trends and Module of Floating Power

Moderator : Prof. Chang-sub Won of KonKuk Univ.

Session Opening
Chang-sub Won (Prof, Konkuk Univ.)

Hanwha Q cells’ Development and Product Status of Floating Solar
Moon Taek Lim (General Manager , Hanwha Q cells)

Status of Development and product of High Power Floating Solar Module
Yongki Min (Manager, Shinsung E&G)

Trends of development of High Power Floating Solar Module
Jin Hyung Ahn (Manager, Hyundai Energy Solutions)

Trends of product and development of High Efficient Floating Solar Module
Young Woo Kang (Manager, Solarpark-Korea)

Closing Remarks