• Paul J. Saunders

    President, Energy Innovation Reform Project

    "Energy Technology in an Era of Great Power"

  • Moonhwan Cha

    Execute Vice President, Hanwha Q Cells

    “Hanwha Q Cell’s Strategies to Expand America PV Market"

  • Sanghoon Lee

    President, New & Renewable Energy Center

    “Status and Tasks of PV policy for Carbon Neutral"

  • Woosik Jung

    Vice , KOPIA

    “PV Market Trends and Policy of Korea"

  • Seung Yeop Myon


    “Speed up the Green new deal and Carbon neutrality with PV R&D Innovation Strategy"

  • Jung Hwa Kang

    Researcher, Korea Exim Bank

    “Domestic PV Market Trends and Policy”

  • Hannah Murdock

    Project Manager, REN21

    “Global Solar PV Market Trends "

  • Izumi Kaizuka

    Director, RTS Corporation

    “Trends and Outlook of Japan PV Market"

  • Frank Haugwitz

    Director, AECEA

    “China’s Domestic PV Market Trends during Five-Year-Plan(2021-2025)Period "

  • Gaëtan Masson

    Managing Director, Becquerel Institute

    “Trend and Outlook of Europe PV Market"

  • Badr Ikken

    General Director, IRESEN

    “Trends and Outlook of Africa PV Market"

  • Sung Woo Choi

    Director, Korea Energy Agency

    “Policy Directions for Expanding the Supply of Agrivoltaics"

  • Jens Vollprecht

    Lawer, Becker Büttner Held PartGmbB

    “Case Example of European Policy: the Legal Framework for Agrivoltaics in Germany"

  • Max Trommsdorff

    Group leader, Fraunhofer ISE

    “Definitions, Classifications, and Standards of Agrivoltaics: Overview and Insights with a focus on Germany"

  • Makoto Tajima

    Director, Institute for sustainable Energy Policies

    "Emerging Potential of Solar Sharing in Global Market"

  • Takeshi Magami

    Representative Director, Chiba Ecological Energy Inc.

    “Market Analysis of Solar Sharing in Japan"

  • Jae Woo Nam

    Director, Korea Agrivoltaics Association

    “Market Trends of Agrivoltaics in Korea”

  • Jae Hak Jung

    Professor, Yeungnam University

    “Study of Agrivoltaics”

  • Sung Tak Yoon

    Professor, Dangook University

    “Trends of Agrivoltaics”

  • Cheolhyun Lim

    Researcher, Green Energy Institute

    “Computer Simulation and a study on the improvement of Lower Farm lands of Agrivoltaics”

  • Deok Cheol Seo

    Manager, Korea South-East Power Co.

    “National Demonstration of Agrivoltaics”

  • Jinsuk Kang

    Manager, En-Velops

    “The Development Process of Agrivoltaics in Fiji”

  • Ronald Knoche

    CEO, REM Tec

    “10 years industrial Agrovoltaico® plant operation"

  • Stephan Schindele

    Head of Agri-PV, BayWa r.e.

    “Agri-PV insights from EU"

  • Kei KONDO

    CEO, Agrokraft, Inc.

    “A Case of Solar Sharing in Japan)”

  • Kangyon Lee

    Professor, Yeungnam University

    "Economic Analysis of Agrivoltaics"

  • Hun Taek Jung

    General Manager, Seoul Energy Corporation

    "PV Policy of Seoul and Urban Solar Business of Seoul Energy Corporation"

  • Jongkyu Kim

    CEO, 60 Hertz

    "Resource Mapping for Expansion of Urban Solar"

  • Eun Joo Lee

    Director, Shinsung E&G

    “Urban Solar - BIPV Solution”

  • Byungjoon Park

    Head of Sales & Marketing, Avancis Korea

    “Urban Solar – BIPV Solution, CIGS Thin film Color Solar Panel"

  • Suk-Kyu Yoon

    CEO, I-Solar Energy

    “Demonstration of Urban Solar”

  • Hak Jun Chung

    Team leader, Korea Electronics Technology Institute

    “Application of Solar Module into Automotive & Outlook”

  • Gwak Ji Hye

    Principal Researcher of Korea Institute of Energy Research

    “Global Trends and Policy Floating Solar”

  • Celine PATON

    Financial Analyst, SERIS

    "Global Market Trends of Floating Solar"

  • Bong Keun Oh

    Director, K-Water

    "Policy and Demonstration Cases of Floating Solar(Focusing on Multi-purpose Dam)"

  • Dae Seong Kim

    Head of Department, Korea Rural Community Corporation

    “Trends and Demonstration of Floating Solar”

  • Jan Kroon

    Project Manager, TNO

    "Europe Market Trends of Floating Solar"

  • Sung Ho Hwang

    General Manager, Hanwah Q Cells

    “Hanwa Q cells’ Development and Product Status of Floating Solar”

  • Yongki Min

    Manger, Shinsung E&G

    “Status of Development and product of High Power Floating Solar Module”

  • Jin Hyung Ahn

    Principal Research Engineer, Hyundai Energy Solutions

    “Trends of development of High Power Floating Solar Moudle”

  • Young Woo Kang

    Manager, Solarpark-Korea

    “Trends of product and development of High Efficient Floating Solar Module”